• FM Qureshi regrets the inaction of the international community despite the evidence provided against India’s involvement in terrorist activities.
  • Qureshi’s response came after intelligence gathered proved that the mastermind behind the Lahore explosion was an Indian citizen.
  • Says that if the FATF does not rebuke India over terrorist financing, then it is showing its double standards.

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Sunday again condemned India’s involvement in terrorist activities across Pakistan and said that while the international community had taken notice of Pakistan’s concerns in a timely manner, the he explosion from Johar Town to Lahore would not have taken place and innocent lives would not have been lost.

Qureshi’s response came after intelligence gathered proved that the mastermind behind the Lahore explosion was an Indian citizen, with clear ties to his country’s spy agency, RAW.

Talk to Geographic news, the foreign minister said he had previously held a press conference alongside the prime minister’s national security adviser Moeed Yusuf to voice Pakistan’s concerns over India’s involvement in the destruction of peace in Pakistan, not only through the supply of weapons but also through the financing and training of terrorists.

He said India has also used Afghan soil to launch attacks in Pakistan from time to time.

“We have said this before too, and now India’s involvement in the Lahore explosion has heightened our suspicions and has proven that all that concerns us [about India] were true, “he said.” We still have concrete evidence that India is involved in terrorist financing. “

Qureshi went on to say that given the clear evidence of India’s involvement in terrorist financing, it is the duty of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to ask why India supports terrorist activity. in Pakistan.

“Yes [FATF] does not reprimand India, then it shows its double standards, and Pakistan has the right to object to these double standards, ”the foreign minister said.

He said Pakistan had previously exposed the [wrongdoing] and now has done it again.

“To cover up its atrocities in Kashmir and divert attention from its internal problems, India sometimes invents incidents such as the Pulwama attack, launches attacks on the border areas of Pakistan to which Pakistan gives a dignified response, and sometimes it trains terrorists, ”he said. mentionned.

Speaking about Pakistan’s course of action regarding the latest revelation regarding the Lahore explosion, he said the Foreign Ministry would once again highlight the issue internationally.

“We would like the international community to know that we had said this before and provided evidence against India’s involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan, but that an opinion was not taken into account. timely on this subject, “he stressed.

“If the international community had heard Pakistan’s concerns in time, the Johar Town explosion would not have taken place and innocent lives would not have been lost. Several terrorist incidents in Balochistan would not have taken place either. “

He said Pakistan would share evidence again [with the international community] and voice concerns.

“We are facing a difficult situation but, by the grace of Allah, we are a responsible nation. Once we present evidence against India to the FATF and its member countries ignore it, then we will know if it is a technical or a political forum.

Asked how Pakistan would move forward after upsetting the FATF, Qureshi said Pakistan must work in self-defense and eradicate the threat of money laundering which has done a lot of damage to Pakistan.

“We must fight against the financing of terrorism and although we have already done a lot, we must bring those involved to justice,” he said.

The mastermind behind Johar Town blows up Indian citizen, associated with RAW

Earlier today, the Prime Minister’s National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf briefed the nation on intelligence gathered about the blast that took place in the town of Johar in Lahore, claiming that the main mastermind of the attack is an Indian citizen and has clear ties to RAW. .

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Yusuf who started in Urdu, also spoke in English at the end, to make sure the international community has a clear idea of ​​the conclusions.

“I want to make sure our message is heard very clearly [regarding] this particular incident occurred on June 23 in Lahore. We have concrete evidence and intelligence, including financial and telephone records that indicate direct Indian sponsorship of these terrorists.

“Through forensic analyzes, electronic equipment recovered from these terrorists, we have identified the main brain and those responsible for this terrorist attack and we have absolutely no doubts or reservations in informing you that the main brain belongs to RAW, the Indian intelligence agency, is an Indian national and is based in India, ”he said.

Yusuf said he would like to remind everyone that “the use by Indians of territory and people from third countries, which in fact embarrasses other countries, is not new”.

“We are constantly reminding the world of Indian actions, including a detailed brief that was released last November with details, meticulous details on finances, action, support from India,” the adviser said. to national security.

He drew attention to the recent report by EU DisinfoLab, an internationally renowned organization, which provides a detailed account of how “hundreds and thousands of bogus outlets have been used to slander Pakistan. , to spread disinformation about Pakistan and to hide what is in fact an overt terrorist sponsorship of one state against another state in our region ”.

Yusuf said that “very exceptionally” there is also evidence of “thousands of attempted cyber attacks against our critical investigation infrastructure immediately following this attack on Lahore on 23rd.”

“These attacks and the number and sophistication in some cases leave no doubt about state sponsorship and state ties in this case.”

He said Pakistan’s cybersecurity was strong enough to thwart the attempts, but asked why the attacks took place, before giving a response.

“They were being led because our enemies wanted to buy time to divert attention and avoid the apprehension and capture of those terrorists that we managed to do,” said the national security adviser.

Yusuf also pointed to the “drama” of mysterious drones flying in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir territory.

“What the logic was, is now very clear, and again with confidence we can turn it off, it was a deflection tactic trying to distract the world’s attention from the fact and they knew at the time that we not only apprehended the culprits but we knew exactly what had been done behind the scenes and who was behind. “

The adviser said the main executor, Eid Gul, was of Afghan descent and lived in Pakistan.

He said Pakistan has consistently signaled to the world the concern that “millions of law-abiding Afghan refugees are getting a bad rap and Pakistan is blamed when these actors go into hiding in these refugee camps and then Pakistan is questioned. on the reason why one or two or five people who were disbelievers, who were terrorists could not be apprehended ”.

Yusuf said Pakistan was reminding the world “of its duty to find a way for a dignified return of Afghan refugees, then questions might be asked.”

“So far that’s a really good example of the complication when something like this happens,” he said.

Yusuf said Prime Minister Imran Khan called on his team to “use all possible legal and political means to reach people outside of Pakistan who are part of this international terrorist network.”

“We will therefore share all the evidence with the international community and expose the infamous and real face of a state in our neighborhood which has consistently sponsored terrorism against our innocent civilians.”

The adviser called on the international community to play its part, saying it is “high time” that it “stopped turning a blind eye and played a constructive and legally binding role for the safety of innocent Pakistanis if they are really serious. about peace and stability in the Region “.

IGP Punjab briefing on the nature of the attack

Prior to Yusuf’s briefing, Inspector General of Police Inam Ghani reported on the events leading up to the explosion.

Ghani noted that the explosion occurred at 11:09 a.m. on June 23 in Block E of the town of Johar and that an on-board improvised explosive device (VBIED) was used. As a result of the explosion, three citizens were killed and 22 were injured, including two police officers.

The explosion also destroyed 12 cars and seven houses.

He said the police counterterrorism department was immediately deployed to the site and quickly cordoned off the area and established an operational base.

“The Punjab CTD has been working on counterterrorism for a long time and is at that stage of maturity where it can very quickly and effectively connect the dots. As a result, not only did they uncover the whole plan [by the terrorists] within 16 hours of the incident, but also identified the names of all those involved. “


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