While there’s no denying that a rear shock can improve certain aspects of the mountain bike experience, it does add weight and complexity. The Rampage Innova cross bike offers an alternative, in the form of a simplified leaf spring rear suspension.

Created by Italian mountain bike maker Lee Cougan, the full-carbon Rampage Innovation forgoes the usual rear shock and linkage. Instead, it features flexible chainstays, oil-damped pistons at the top of each seatstay, and a carbon fiber leaf spring that connects to the two pistons at the top and the seat tube. downstairs.

As the rear wheel goes over bumps in the trail, the chain stays flexible, causing the connected seatstays to move diagonally forward and up. They compress the hydraulic pistons while extending the leaf spring, absorbing impact energy.

The ISS offers 30mm of suspension travel

Lee Cougan

The spring and pistons then push the seatstays — and rear wheel — back to their default configuration. This setup, known as Innova Structural Suspension (ISS), offers up to 30mm of travel. While this is significantly less than many conventional cross-country rear shocks offer, the system is intended to put the Rampage halfway between a hardtail and a full-suspension model.

While no weight figures were provided for the ISS itself, the whole bike is said to tip the scales at just over 9kg (20lbs).

Lee Cougan's Rampage Innova was unveiled this week at Eurobike
Lee Cougan’s Rampage Innova was unveiled this week at Eurobike

Lee Cougan

The Rampage Innova is available for pre-order now, in four different component packages. Prices range from US$5,159 to US$9,239. A frame can also be purchased on its own for $2,449.

The ISS can be seen in action, in the video below.

Rampage Innova: pioneering evolution

Source: Lee Cougan via BikeRadar