Just in time for spooky season, Resident Evil Village players return to gothic Dimitrescu Castle in the story DLC Shadows of Rose Friday. It’s part of the Winters expansion, which is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC versions of Capcom’s game.

It picks up directly from end of the main game, which jumped forward 16 years in the timeline to reveal teenage Rose Winters. She struggles with the powers she inherited from her late father (and main protagonist of the game) Ethan due to his mold infection in Resident Evil 7.

Shadows of Rose is surreal and dark, but a fun return to this corner of the Resident Evil universe and a satisfying conclusion to the Winters family story.

Unlike the 2021 launch version of the main game, Shadows of Rose is playable in the same third-person style as recent Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes (as good as Resident Evil 4 Remaketo be published next March).

Ethan Winters, seen from behind, enters the main hall of Dimitrescu Castle in Resident Evil Village

No, you still can’t see Ethan’s face.


The expansion also adds a third-person mode to the main village campaign, so you’ll be able to see Ethan’s back as you play. His face remains hidden, as he turns away from the camera when you spin it, but it offers a cool new way to experience the game.

The update adds villains Lady Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenberg to the Mercenaries time attack mode, as well as hero Chris Redfield. If you don’t already own Village, the Winters expansion also comes with a new Gold Edition so you can collect it all. Village will also be available on Nintendo Switch (via cloud streaming) starting Friday, with the expansion coming December 2.

We were able to ask Winters expansion director Kento Kinoshita about the new content via email, discussing why the team returned to the Winters family one last time, taking into account the player feedback, the fantasy elements of Shadows of Rose, and exactly what the heck is going on with those life-draining enemies.

Shadows of Rose mirrors Resident Evil 7’s Not a Hero DLC by tying together a main game plot thread (since you fought the escaped villain Lucas Baker in the main game, in Not a Hero ). Why did you use these plot elements for the expansions instead of keeping them for the sequels?

Kinoshita: Originally, there were no plans to develop additional downloadable content for Resident Evil Village. Therefore, we took the perspective of “What kind of downloadable content would make people happy?” We wanted to create DLC that would appeal to those who had played the main game and wanted an episode that concluded the story of the Winters family.

What was the main element of player feedback that you considered when creating Shadows of Rose?

Kinoshita: We received many requests for new storylines from fans, and a story about adult Rose Winters that we see at the end of Resident Evil Village was one of those requests. Based on fan feedback regarding Ethan and the story, we decided to conclude the Winters family story with her as the central character.

A mysterious woman, her face hidden by her hair, confronts Rose Winters in Resident Evil Village

Rose faces a bunch of weird threats in the new chapter of the story.

How long is a game of Shadows of Rose?

Kinoshita: Shadows of Rose lasts approximately 4 hours.

Shadows of Rose takes a more paranormal approach to the Resident Evil formula, which tends to have a pseudo-scientific explanation behind the games’ most fantastical elements. Can you tell us about this different approach?

Kinoshita: Shadows of Rose is set in a world of memories stored by Megamycete (the mold source for Resident Evil 7 and Village). This setting may seem fantastic in some ways, as you mentioned, because it’s a surreal place. However, looking at the realm of consciousness created in the megafungus’ memory, it doesn’t deviate from the traditional Resident Evil worldview.

What can you tell us about the monsters Rose faces?

Kinoshita: Players will primarily face enemies called Face Eaters. They are creatures that pursue Rose and seek to claim her life. They are characterized by their ability to move in and out of liquid vacuum, so be sure to be on the lookout even when they are not visible!

Rose Winters covers her face as enemies catch her in Resident Evil Village

This is a good time to run in the opposite direction.


They attack Rose by draining her life force. Can you explain what is happening here?

Kinoshita: This is an act of sucking out vitality or life. After consuming her life, Face Eaters will try to pull Rose into the liquid void.

The preview videos focus on Dimitrescu Castle. What other locations, if any, will players be able to explore again, and how have those locations changed?

Kinoshita: As a hint… the megafungus is storing the village’s memories in a distorted form. Please enjoy the game to see these locations!

Rose Winters reads a brilliant

Rose’s mysterious assistant offers sage advice.


Given that Shadows of Rose takes place 16 years after the end of the main game, will we have any idea of ​​the larger Resident Evil universe at this point in the timeline?

Kinoshita: Shadows of Rose is a story that concludes the tale of Resident Evil Village and the Winters family. It does not focus on what happens over the next 16 years.

Resident Evil Village was strictly first person, what inspired you to add third person perspective in Shadows of Rose?

Kinoshita: The most important reason was that “there were so many requests from fans”, and while the first-person mode can certainly convey fear, there is a certain segment of the population that finds it too scary or gets motion sickness. We decided to create this mode because we wanted these people to experience this game as well.

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