The 2022 Formula 1 season continues to yield with the latest sensational news that 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg will return to the grid with Williams replacing the underperforming Nicholas Latifi.

The former Mercedes driver, who began his F1 career with Williams at the 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix, returns to the team with which his father Keke Rosberg won his F1 world title.

The move comes as Latifi, following the first two rounds of the F1 season, realizes he is a liability to the team and its development. The billionaire’s son has stepped down from the reserve Williams role to allow Rosberg to team up with newcomer Alex Albon.

Copies of excerpts from the official joint Williams-Latifi statement, which is expected to be made later this evening Montreal time, have been sent to our offices by DHL. The soon-to-be-released press release said:

Following too many shunts, including some high-profile ones that will go down in F1 history, Nicholas Latifi decided it was in his and Williams’ interest if he gave up a reserve role. team to recalibrate its approach to the top flight.

This decision left Williams with the problem of not having a second driver with very little notice, whereupon Jost Capito approached Jenson Button to drive for the team. But the 2009 F1 world champion politely declines, citing his age as a problem and suggesting Rosberg as an alternative.

Capito called Nico on speed dial and by all accounts a deal was struck between the pair on Wednesday night in Monaco and the following day they were at the team’s UK headquarters to complete the deal.

The Netflix series will be titled “Britney is Back: Nico’s Next F1 Journey”

For the 2016 F1 world champion, at 36, he won’t be by far the oldest driver on the grid, Fernando Alonso has that honor at this time, and after several years of racing with a selfie stick and vlogging, it’s clear that Rosberg wants the dignity of being an F1 driver again.

While further details of the deal are hazy, Rosberg’s return to the F1 grid is known to be funded by sponsorship of a Netflix-inspired spin-off of the estimated $200 hit series Drive to Survive. $10 million.

This new Netflix series, which follows the former F1 champion’s return with hopeless Williams, documents his every moment and is edited into 24 half-hour segments which will air every Wednesday after each weekend of Grand Prize.

Latifi: I can’t stop falling, so I better stop driving for now…

Formal 1, Latifi nach nächstem Crash am Boden: Nicht mein Level

Latifi commented: “Surviving the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix blooper was difficult. But I can’t stop crashing, so I looked in the mirror and said:

“My dad spent so much money to get me into F1, I was destroyed by George [Russell] who is a great driver as we all know. Now comes the not-so-great Alex, with a year away from F1, and blows me away. And then I keep throwing it away at all the wrong times.

“The mirror does not lie, and neither do I to myself or to anyone who has faith in me. I will step back and be the team’s reserve, leaving room for Nico, a driver who will bring another level to our team. I can learn from him.

“And while this is the end of this chapter, a new one begins because my business in F1 is not over. This is just one step back to take many forwards. I will only come back when I “I’ll feel like I’m at least in the top 50 drivers to be in F1 thanks to their talent. I’ll always have the money to make it happen, so no problem.

“Right now I’m far from that, I’m probably struggling to beat the top 200 most deserving F1 drivers of my generation, so I’m forced to do the right thing because money can’t not go through talent. It’s something I have to work on.

Latifi: Good luck Nico, I can’t wait to see you work and learn from it

Rosberg–Hamilton crash

A bomb no doubt, but a good dose of honesty and humility on the part of the Canadian driver who showed real sportsmanship in his actions, unjustified because his father pays for the existence of the team. Indeed nble.

Attempts to contact the team and both drivers proved unsuccessful, but we understand from various sources that the announcement and statement will be made later today.

Our source in Grove promised DHL copies of Rosberg’s statement before the news becomes official, a week before the start of the Australian Grand Prix weekend in Melbourne where a press conference will be held to confirm the demotion of Latifi to reserve and the return of Rosberg.

Meanwhile, our source reports that the Monte Carlo-based German was in Grove on Thursday for a seat fitting in the Williams FW44, picking up his new racing suits and team kit, meeting key personnel and engineers, including familiarization, on the team. simulator, of the car he will be driving in a week.

At the same time, Rosberg made himself available to the marketing department for promotional photos and interviews, with his Netflix “Britney is Back” team hiding exclusively on the video side.

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