Another victory for the defending champion Rosberg X Racing/RXR teammates Johan kristofersson and Molly taylor won his second consecutive victory at Ocean XPrix on Sunday (30/5). The two comfortably won an unusual head-to-head against Bike race team, the other two X44 and JBXE being forced to withdraw from the rest of the final due to mechanical breakdowns. While hlin-Kottulinskythe evacuation car of the remaining drivers Taylor and Stephane Sarrazin were allowed to complete their lap before the restart of the final on the starting grid instead of the driver change area.

The race resumed with only two surviving teams, RXR and Veloce. Seeing no imminent threat, RXR was able to extend his championship lead with Kristoffersson leading far enough to leave a huge gap between him and Veloce. Jamie Chadwick. The only disruption for the winning team was an almost close fight between Taylor and Sarrazin, but the former was ultimately able to go as far as she could.

As a result, RXR finished first, followed by a surprisingly huge turnaround from Veloce due to the huge setback from Al Ula and JBXE, who were unable to complete their turn due to failures, in the third. square.

“It’s so fantastic to have won today! Coming here felt like we had a lot of work to do over the weekend, but with each session we just kept our heads down and just saw where we needed to improve, and it all paid off in the end. Molly Taylor explained. “Obviously we couldn’t pick our grid position for the final so we were where we were and for me it was inside so it was about trying to get the position on the track. I really just tried to establish this ASAP and then hang in there.

“It’s very hard to predict anything in this series even when you have the best plan, but I have to say the team were great and Johan did a very professional job as well.”

Address previous contact with the X44s Cristina GutierrezTaylor said she didn’t want to push too hard as it is considered normal in the race.

“As I went through I made contacts but it’s a close race and it can happen. A big thank you to the team who did an amazing job and to Johan, just as amazing.

His teammate Kristoffersson also felt the same, citing Taylor’s brilliant job as the perfect starting point to start their fight. “Molly executed everything perfectly. She did an amazing job taking care of the circulation on her knees – I was really impressed with that. We were aware that we weren’t the fastest as we approached this main race, but in the end we were quick where we needed to be and got off to a good start.

There was a little contact with Chadwick in the straight once the race started, but Kristoffersson said it was due to a problem with his Hyperdrive and nothing intentional.

“When I got in the car for the standing start of the final the steering was a bit off, so when I hit the Hyperdrive at the start it was hard to hold on to it. Unfortunately it drove to a little contact with Jamie, which was not at all intentional.

“But from there the car was running really well and I was able to do whatever I needed to do. And here we are winners!

RXR founder and CEO Nico Rosberg was also present in Senegal. After being able to witness their first victory in Saudi Arabia, this time he managed to celebrate the second victory with his team.

“I’m very happy for us as a team to have won Extreme E for the second time. Two out of two, wow! We have the two best drivers in the car doing a much better job than me – and I couldn’t be happier.

“It’s so difficult because nobody really understands the cars correctly, because you don’t get the chance to test them. You have to guess and figure things out. As a team, we really try to bring a Formula 1 approach to Extreme E, which really helps us to perform. The challenge was not to be underestimated but we managed to meet it together.

“An incredible effort from Molly and Johan – brilliant dynamics, it’s fantastic to see.”

Following their victory, RXR gained a total of 36 points, still leading the current championship.

Nico Rosberg, Molly Taylor and Johan Kristoffersson celebrating their victory over Ocean XPrix (Credits: Sam Bloxham)

Final results of the Ocean XPrix

Pos Driver Team Time
1 Johan Kristofferson / Molly Taylor Rosberg X Racing 21:52
2 Stéphane Sarrazin / Jamie Chadwick Bike race +14.67
3 Kevin Hansen / Mikaela Ã…hlin-Kottulinsky JBXE +2 laps
4 Sébastien Loeb / Cristina Gutiérrez X44 +2 laps

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