People walk past the site of Tuesday’s airstrike that hit the Kyiv TV tower. (Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP/Getty Images)

Russia has carried out “more than 450 missile launches” since its invasion of Ukraine began, a senior US defense official told reporters on Wednesday.

Missiles launched include “all bands and sizes,” the official said, including “short-range surface air missiles, medium-range, cruise missiles.”

Airspace over Ukraine also remains in dispute, the official added.

“Ukrainian air and missile defense capabilities remain intact and viable, but again so do the Russians,” the official said.

There has been no ‘significant change on the ground’ in Ukraine since yesterday, a senior defense official says, with the US estimating that Russia has committed 82% of its available combat power that had been deployed. scene outside Ukraine in the country, just a small increase from the 80% that the United States estimated was committed yesterday.

And while there has been “no appreciable movement” of Russian forces advancing on Kiev since yesterday, Russia has increased its “missiles and artillery targeting the city”, according to the official, including targeting infrastructure in the city. town.

The official similarly said that while Russian forces were attacking Cherniv and Kharkiv, there had been “no appreciable movement on the part of the Russians to take either,” Russian forces being ” blocked” outside these cities.

However, Russian forces have made more progress in the south, according to the official, although the United States considers the city of Kherson “contested”, despite Russian claims that it had taken control of the city.

The official said that although there was no movement on Mariupol by Russia, there were “preliminary indications” that Russian forces would try to move on the city from the Donetsk region, with an assault over the city probably from several directions.