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Evergreen Podcasts – 2021 Stacked Logo

Evergreen Podcasts – 2021 Stacked Logo

Evergreen Podcasts – 2021 Stacked Logo

CLEVELAND, Oct. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Podcast listeners can dig deeper into the topics that interest them this fall and hear from seasoned experts who also engage storytellers. Evergreen Podcasts presents West Wing Reports for political and news buffs who want to get behind the scenes of the White House, and Pit Lane Parley for racing enthusiasts. Now celebrating over 8 million downloads since its inception, Evergreen invites everyone to join a community of curious listeners.

“Now listeners can keep abreast of the latest news, from Washington politics to IndyCar racing with Evergreen Podcasts’ growing catalog,” says Brigid Coyne, production manager.

West Wing Reports

What news from Washington affects the average citizen? From money to jobs, it’s all there. Paul Brandus will brief listeners on his take on the White House, Congress, Supreme Court and more. For over a decade, Brandus has been a member of the White House Press Corps and has authored books on presidential history. Not to mention, he writes columns for United States today and Dow Jones Market Watch. He’s worked everywhere, from the streets of Moscow to the trenches of network television, and what listeners love about his approach with West Wing Reports is the way he delivers information in a fair, honest, and relevant manner every Friday. .

“We can count on Paul Brandus to deliver the information in a format that matches what listeners need and want to know, educating us in a balanced way on how that information impacts our daily lives,” said Gerardo Orlando, Vice President of Network Development. .

Pit lane talks

Are you looking for racing episodes? Next, stop by Pit Lane Parley with hosts Mike Joachim and Matt Hickey, plus other co-hosts and contributors like Shannon McBride, Michael Goodier and David Leiting, Jr. Expect in-depth coverage with IndyCar Podcast + News, plus F1, IMSA, F2, NHRA, Formula E and other racing series. The hosts bring a positive vibe to every episode and the more you watch, the more you’ll learn. As one reviewer wrote, “I wanted more IndyCar focused content and this podcast is all I wanted and more. Great listening for every race weekend!”

For those who haven’t realized how much they want that detailed racing coverage, this casual fan says the weekly tunes have been a real sports junkie. “It made me a huge fan of IndyCar racing!” Add that you can become a Pit Lane Parley member and get access to bonus content, free products and a members-only chat.

Learn more about Evergreen Podcasts and view our full lineup of shows. Our storytelling podcasts have something for everyone.

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