NEW YORK, Jun 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Finding a like-minded partner who understands you from the inside out is a tough task these days. However, nothing should stand in the way of love and that’s why love coaching programs are a great way to find your soul mate. Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister of Shay Better LLC, Elite Love Coaching brand, offers a signature coaching program “Boss Diva University”. the Boss Diva University is a high profile, high caliber program for very successful women who are ready to commit for 12 weeks and make a substantial investment in themselves to attract their soul mate in 30 days.

Shay Levister, known as “Shay Your Love Diva ™”, is a Certified Love Transformer®, international bestselling author, founder of Shay Better LLC and world-renowned speaker with a thriving coaching practice that helps high-end singles around the world. In addition to being a Certified Love Transformer®, Shay is also a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT). Shay’s “Boss Diva University”Is designed exclusively for elite and successful single women who refuse to settle down when it comes to attracting the love of their life.

What is the “Boss Diva University”?

The “Boss Diva University”Is Shay“ Your Love Diva ”Levister’s exclusive dating program which is reserved for highly successful women looking to attract a high-value man who is“ F’d ”up: fun, loyal and forever wants to love his soul without all the confusion and disappointment that often comes with dating. Many of Shay’s clients call her the “hitch” of powerful women and rave about the fact that Shay’s techniques dramatically decrease the chances of attracting the wrong person or of getting a divorce.

Shay’s exclusive techniques combine the science of attraction, the law of attraction, the art of conscious encounters and female activation. Shay’s program is designed to provide an unprecedented manifestation of love and attraction experience that has the potential to change people’s lives forever.

With a 98% success rate and unique methods tailored specifically to each individual, the “Boss Diva UniversityThe program helps clients save money, time and heartache by accelerating the creation of a life that thrives in all areas of life: health, career, spiritual and love. Shay believes that when people are properly aligned with love, they can build better relationships and attract their soul mates. Over the course of her career, Shay has helped hundreds of women come forward and attract the life partner of their dreams.

Who is this program for?

the “Boss Diva UniversityShay’s “Your Love Diva” Levister program is exclusively designed to guide women to their destination if they attract love by providing them with all the tools and support that will ensure their success. Most successful women struggle in their personal relationships because the dating game is so different for accomplished women and they have a lot more to lose. Many of these women have Type A personalities and are often referred to as intimidating. They seem to attract men with whom they have to compete or deal with. Their careers are already demanding, they don’t need drama or stress in their love life and often don’t have time to figure it out.

Relying on your masculine energy for success at work is often exhausting. These powerful women often want a safe space where they can trust their partner is supporting them and will provide a safe space for them to let go and be vulnerable.

There are several aspects that one should consider when opting for the “Boss Diva University” program. Some of the criteria to determine if this program is right for you are –

• You want to meet your soul mate within 1 year or want to start a family within two years.
• You are a leader in your career and you earn over $ 100,000 per year.
• You really want to transform your love life and your whole life.
• You are positive, open-minded and work well with others.
• You are willing to invest time, money and effort in your own improvement.

Why work with a certified love coach?

Know first that not only is Shay a Master Certified Love Coach, but she is also a Certified Love Transformer® who earned the title because she is the only person on the planet whose courses combine the science of attraction. , with the law of attraction, the art of conscious encounters and feminine activation and who also carried out an experiment on herself by organizing more than a hundred meetings in three months, by interviewing four thousand men, women and couples and reading hundreds of books on relationships, psychology and human behavior to master the formula for capturing a man’s heart and attracting your romantic best friend. Shay has been studying attraction to high-value men for almost two decades and has a specialized skill set that can help any woman, regardless of age, number of children, previous marriage status, or his appearance, to attract a fulfilling love.

Working with a certified Love Transformer® and an experienced love coach like Shay has several advantages and benefits. Some of them are –

• Personalized service
Shay’s highly personalized approach helps guide people through specific steps to not only prepare, but also attract the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

• Proprietary methodology
Another reason to work with Shay is his scientific approach designed to heal, adapt, and evolve people into the truest and greatest version of themselves. Combining all the data of wisdom, intuition, training and research that she has gained through her experience, training and research, Shay offers the best personalized love strategies.

• The love of coaching from the inside out
As a Certified Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) Programmer, Shay can guide people through a series of personalized journeys designed to eliminate any limiting beliefs, heal and remove any conscious and unconscious blockages and / or love traumas that prevent people to receive the only true love. they want and deserve.


Boss Diva College is a great way for high performing and elite women to find their soul mates. Shay “Your Love Diva” Levister and her very successful romantic strategies have helped hundreds of people find true love. Users can enroll in Shay’s programs through a simple application process. With the “Boss Diva University”, Users can balance their feminine energy and work life and make room for love.

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