SAN FRANCISCO, May 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – SpaceGrime is proud to announce the launch of Coin X on May 31, 2021, just over three weeks after its launch on May 8. It has over 11,500 holders and has grown by a whopping 45,000% since its launch. With the launch of Coin X in just a few days, it is poised to introduce a whole new industry standard to the world of blockchain technology; forever changing the cryptocurrency space by introducing several gems to the industry.

Coin X is unique and will be touted as the first of its kind: a very rare self-burning limited edition cryptocurrency that will sell for the starting price of 1BNB per coin. Coin X will be the ultimate storehouse of valuable coins that will solve the inherent problems of low scalability, high volatility, and inefficiency in many cryptocurrencies and thus become the perfect complement to SpaceGrime’s currency GRIMEX, known as future intergalactic crypto where it will allow people to “live on the edge of the space frontier, amid the neon glow of arcades and the horns of space taxis”.

Coin X will drop in on May 31, 2021. In order to be eligible to receive this extremely rare, limited-edition airdrop, people will need to purchase GRIMEX on PancakeSwap and HODL for one week. GRIMEX is fair and carpet proof, with all of their LP tokens locked in via a smart contract audited by a third party for 4 years. It is a single token design with secure access and enables peer-to-peer decentralization. Unlike other tokens that tax transactions, GRIMEX is different. It does not have a high slip rate, 1% -2% being more than enough. It is a currency of the future that will go beyond the moon, so it is only fair that it is fair and usable as currency. GRIMEX also contains amazing features where a user can create their pithy backstory, tie up the trusty spaceship, and explore the universe of endless possibilities with SpaceGrime’s most interesting space crew. There are new opportunities to explore, new planets and galaxies, and a lot of new challenges that make all this interaction enjoyable; It’s a maze full of NFT.

State-of-the-art decentralized systems place the user in a helm seat. SpaceGrime is safe from space pirates, alien mercenaries, and bootleggers. It all starts with purchasing GRIMEX through PancakeSwap. To buy a GRIMEX token, you need to download and configure a wallet such as MetaMask, TrustWallet, Math Wallet or Binance Chain. They have to set it on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The next step is to connect the wallet to PancakeSwap.

Once done, they have to navigate to trade and select the trade option. The final step is to trade and redeem the user’s chosen BSC amount (listed as BNB on PancakeSwap) for GRIMEX by entering SpaceGrime’s contract address in the lower currency field.

GRIMEX is a memes-backed piece that is rooted in promoting digital arts and music, and, of course, memes. He has a post-scarcity view where there will be an infinite amount of gold and platinum mined from asteroids, with water being the most valuable with the intention of being multi-planetary and interplanetary. This will be accomplished by setting up nodes to validate transactions on cubic satellites orbiting the Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, and other bodies throughout the solar system.

Unlike GRIMEX, which was initially hit with a high bid of 696.97 quadrillion tokens with 18 decimal places, Coin X’s bid would be less than 100,000 tokens. There is no presale or ICO from GRIMEX or Coin X. Within 5 days of launch, 95% of the total supply has been burnt. Additionally, 57% of the supply was kept at the drop address, while 5% of it was moved to a community build address. Since then, SpaceGrime has successfully completed two different airdrops, one being a historic drop of 400 trillion coins on the 23rd for all holders who have purchased a minimum of 10 billion GRIMEX.

Coin X has hyper-deflationary characteristics. Unlike GRIMEX which has a high supply and very low network costs and airdrops, X is intended to be optimized as a long-term store of value. However, it will initially be parachuted to entice early GRIMEX users and should have low initial liquidity. Even though its initial cost is $ 1 billion, due to its rare nature, when communities hold on and when they decide to sell their precious coins, the price will rise.

To avoid the price spike, there will be an introduction of a mechanism that charges high fees to sellers, requiring high slip settings. The fee will be 20% with the 10% burnt forever while the remaining half will be distributed to other wallets containing the coin.

Thanks to these tokenomics, GRIMEX and Coin X are doomed to become even rarer over time, and people will buy and hold them, with the price of each coin increasing to unimaginable levels.

In the future, just like GRIMEX, Coin X will also be able to migrate and be interoperable with other Layer 1 blockchains for redundancy. Room X would not have to live with the shortcomings of any particular channel.

About SpaceGrime

SpaceGrime is an interplanetary virtual currency inspired by memes, music, and digital art. Over time, these aspects will be cultural artifacts that transcend space and time and are destined to spread virally throughout the galaxy, creating a new universal currency.

SpaceGrime aims to bring a community of fast growing Earthlings who want to go to the moon, Mars and beyond while making sure they are safe.

The SpaceGrime team is completely anonymous in the form of four characters known as SpaceGrime’s Trusty Space Crew: FLIK and JAKS – two robots who, while they may seem mean, have the best intentions (and hobbies). weirdest ones such as growing space weeds in Neptune), H ☆ PPI, the dynamic duo of a humanoid and robot whose minds have merged into one and are currently on the run from the galactic mafia, and EARL, a very charismatic and fun stranger – bets are always in place to find out exactly what he is, but everyone loves him anyway. The vision of the SpaceGrime team has become very unique among the crypto space known for a plethora of new projects that all appear to be the same. The team has proven that they live up to all of their commitments and have accomplished incredible things since launch. The team is very active on social networks and the community is very strong and growing very quickly. You can join thousands of other community members on SpaceGrime social media including Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Reddit, Youtube and Telegram and ask the helpful team any questions you may have on this. exciting new project.

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