The cancellation of the student loan: a ruse

As the News Journal ad demands that Biden write off all student debt, I demand that Biden write off all mortgages and auto loans.

If he says he will, I’ll host a Mercedes Maybach right before the executive order.

How ridiculous, right !?

The people who have incurred the debt are responsible for the debt – not the taxpayer. Why does an Alaskan miner pay off the debt of a New Yorker specializing in feminist studies at Columbia or a Boston resident specializing in ancient languages ​​at Harvard? No, this forgiveness of student loans is a trick.

Forgiving student debt is nonsense. Accept your responsibilities and go to work paying off your debts.

– Tom Koval, Bear

Don’t forget about antibody treatments – they can help

I saw an NPR article that reported that only between 5% and 20% of Regeneron & Lilly’s monoclonal antibodies for COVID-19 had been used. No less than 300,000 doses have been shipped out of 1.2 million for which the federal government is committed, according to Dr. Moncef Slaoui, head of Operation Warp Speed.

So here is my new idea (as a retired pharmacist):

Obviously, the COVID-19 vaccine is aimed primarily at healthcare workers and the elderly in nursing homes. This is followed by first responders, outpatients, etc. But it should take up to three or four months.

As these vaccine doses are made and delivered to populations at higher risk, administering the monoclonal antibody drugs to the workers we wish to get back to work, for societal benefit. The most important group would be the teachers.

Regeneron & Lilly products last between months in the body and are said to protect teachers while they wait for their place in the vaccine queue. That way we could get the students back to the classrooms, freeing their parents to go back to work. Better for teachers, students and parents – an overall societal benefit. WIN-WIN, as they say.

– Joseph Janes, Newark

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