Moton mentions veteran linebacker Pernell McPhee second.

“Pernell McPhee could turn off a developing trio of players on the opposite side after starting in 13 competitions last year,” Moton wrote. “That said, McPhee hasn’t played more than 43% of his team’s defensive snaps since tenure. He could become a reservist if someone else shows up at training camp.”

McPhee has proven he can be a starter, but the Ravens also have rookie linebacker Odafe Oweh and third-year linebacker Jaylon Ferguson.

“The Ravens selected Odafe Oweh in the first round of this year’s draft,” Moton wrote. “The rookie can play an important role, although he could support Bowser while developing his rushing skills.

Jaylon Ferguson, who is the all-time NCAA sack leader, has yet to translate his overtaking potential into significant production. He has recorded just 4.5 sacks in two seasons, but the Louisiana product Tech will have a great opportunity to come out with a path to more clichés on the edge. “

While Moton believes Oweh could become a starter and play an important role in his rookie season, Sports Sports Illustrated Todd Karpovich believes he will likely need more of an introduction to the league in his first season.

“Oweh, the 31st overall pick in the draft, is an explosive player who can fly to the ball,” Karpovich wrote. “He’s made seven starts. However, Oweh didn’t score a sack last season for the Nittany Lions and will need to get more seasoning at the NFL level.”

Moton and Karpovich expect rookie defensive end Daelin Hayes to need time to learn behind the others.

“As a fifth-round rookie, Daelin Hayes has an outside shot to emerge,” Moton wrote. “But he turned heads in the spring with mock sacks in training.”

“The Ravens also selected Hayes with Notre Dame’s 171st overall selection,” Karpovich wrote. “In his five seasons with the Fighting Irish, Hayes has recorded 97 tackles, 20.5 tackles for a loss, nine sacks, one interception, four defensive passes and four forced fumbles. He will also need more time to recover. develop.”

It’s fair to assume that a fifth round selection won’t have an immediate impact; however, there are late drafted players who come on the scene and make a name for themselves every year. For reference, the last edge rusher drafted by the Ravens in the fifth round was none other than Judon, who produced four sacks, 10 QB hits and four tackles for loss in his rookie campaign.

Overall, the outside linebackers are perhaps the group under the biggest microscope entering the season.

“A selection committee may actually be the best plan in the NFL today,” Vasilis Lericos from Baltimore Beatdown wrote. “In conjunction with the other components of the squad, a committee approach can certainly be part of a championship formula. But make no mistake, the construction of the 2021 roster signals a clear break with Ravens tradition. Edge rusher from the past 24 seasons.

“DeCosta looks set to attempt an experiment that could propel the Ravens to glory, or be their cure of Achilles, in a fiercely competitive AFC.”

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