Scam call

On February 24, a victim received a phone call from someone claiming to be from Social Security. The caller informed the victim that their social security number was compromised and that they needed to send money to an out-of-state address to resolve the issue. The call was then determined to be a scam.

Fake business loan

On February 25, a resident reported that his identity was allegedly stolen and used to open a small business loan.

Falsified registration

On February 26, a 43-year-old motorist was arrested on Willow Street for alleged possession of a false registration, an unregistered vehicle, an uninsured vehicle and misuse of the lanes.

banged bumper

The bumper of a vehicle parked on Meadbrook Road was found damaged by unknown means on February 26.

Dangerous driving

A motorist was charged with reckless driving on Clinton Road on February 26.

Fire alarm

GCPD assisted GCFD with a fire alarm at a Franklin Avenue business. After investigation, firefighters determined the cause was a faulty circuit breaker.

Leave the stage

On February 27, detectives charged a 59-year-old man with allegedly leaving the scene of a car crash on February 21 on Old Country Road.

Excessive speed

On February 27, a motorist was charged with driving on Clinton Road with a suspended license as well as speeding and unregistered vehicle.

Domestic incident

Following a domestic incident investigation, on February 28, Garden City police arrested a 49-year-old man for allegedly damaging items at his family’s home. He was charged with criminal mischief.

Great dog flight

On March 1, Garden City detectives arrested a 33-year-old woman for suspected theft. Police said a male victim left an adult American Bully dog ​​and eight American Bully puppies in the care of the woman, who allegedly arranged for another person to take the dogs without the owner’s consent. The value of the dogs is approximately $ 62,000. The investigation is underway on the second subject.

Falsified check

The Garden City Police Department is investigating a March 1 report of a subject depositing a forged check for $ 5,500 at a Franklin Avenue bank.

23 suspensions

A motorist was arrested for driving on Franklin Avenue on March 1 with twenty-three license suspensions and excessive speeding.

Missing jewelry

Garden City detectives are investigating a March 2 report of the theft of matching jewelry from an elderly woman’s residence in the past month.

Suspended license

A motorist was charged on March 2 with allegedly driving on Cathedral Avenue at 4th Street with a suspended license and using a portable electronic device.

Truck stop

GCPD and NYS DOT conducted a commercial vehicle inspection on Clinton Road on March 2. Ten trucks were inspected, three of which were taken out of service. Forty-six tickets were issued for various traffic and safety violations, including six overweight violations, four hazardous materials violations and one unsecured loading violation.


Graffiti was found on a utility box on Stewart Avenue on March 3.

False declarations of unemployment

Garden City Police this week investigated six reports of the identities of victims being stolen and used to claim bogus unemployment benefits.

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