Katya Rivas’ passion: The passion (begins)

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The medallion of the apostolate of the new evangelization


Reflections that Jesus makes on the mystery of his suffering and the value it has on Redemption.

Cochabamba — Bolivia Spanish editions: 1996 and 1998 – 1st English edition – November 1999

The passion of Katya Rivas: The passion (begins)

Extract 1


My little girl, allow yourself to be embraced by My most ardent desire that all souls come to be purified in the water of penance, and that the feeling of confidence, and not of fear, can penetrate them, for I am a God of Mercy and I am always ready to receive them into My Heart.

Thus, day after day, we will unite in our secret of love. A small spark and then a big flame… Only true love is not loved today! Let Love be loved! But before that, pray little girl, pray a lot for consecrated souls who have lost their enthusiasm and their happiness in service. Pray also for those priests who perform this miracle of miracles on the altar and whose faith is weak.

Lose yourself in Me like a drop of water in the ocean… When I created you, I kissed your forehead signing you with the sign of My predilection. Look for souls, for there are few who love Me. Seek out souls and imprint on their minds the vision of pain in which I have consumed Myself. Men, unknowingly, are about to receive great gifts.
When you do what I ask, I am near you; it is as if you were quenching this ardent thirst which, on the cross, parched even my lips.

I will make Myself present each time you invoke My Passion with love. I will allow you to live united with Me in the pain I felt in Gethsemane when I knew the sins of all men.

Be aware of this, for I call few creatures to this type of Passion, but none of them understand the predilection I have bestowed on them by associating them with the most painful hour of My earthly life.

The Passion of Katya Rivas: The Last Supper

Extract 2


Let us now move on to the story of My Passion… The story which will bring glory to the Father and holiness to other chosen souls…
The night before my betrayal was a night full of joy because of the Passover Supper, the inauguration of the Eternal Banquet at which human beings must sit to feed on Me.
If I asked Christians, “What do you think of this Supper?” », surely many would say that it is the place of their delights but few would say that it is My delight… There are souls who communicate, not for joy. that they experience but for the joy that I feel; they are few in number because the others come to Me only to ask for gifts and favours.
I embrace all souls who come to Me because I came to Earth to extend the Love in which I embrace them. And since love does not grow without pain; little by little I remove the sweetness, to leave the souls dry. Thus, they fast from their own joy to make them understand that they must concentrate on another desire: mine.
why do you speak of dryness as if it were a sign of a decrease in My Love? Have you forgotten that if I don’t give happiness, you must taste your dryness and other sorrows?
Come to me, souls, but know that it is only I who want everything and who urges you to seek me. If you knew how much I appreciate selfless love and how it will be recognized in Heaven! O, how the soul that possesses it will rejoice!
Learn from Me, dear souls, to love only to please the One who loves you… You will have sweetness, and much more than what you leave; you will so enjoy all that I have made you capable of. I prepared the banquet. I am the food! how can I let you sit at My table and let you fast? I have promised you that whoever feeds on Me will no longer go hungry…I am using these things to reveal My Love to you. Listen to what My priests are saying, for they are using this Easter feast to lead you to Me, but do not stop at what is human, or you will nullify the other purpose of this feast.
No one can say that My Supper has become their nourishment when they experience only sweetness… For Me, love grows as much as they deny themselves.
Many priests are priests because I wanted to make them My ministers, not because they really follow Me… Pray for them! May they offer to my Father the pain I felt when in the Temple I overturned the merchants’ pews and reproached the ministers of that time for having transformed the house of God into an assembly of doers silver.
When they asked me under what authority I had done this, I felt even greater sorrow in showing them that the worst denial of my mission came precisely from my ministers.
For this reason, pray for the priests who treat My Body out of habit and therefore with very little love.
You will soon know that I had to tell you this because I love you and because I promise remission of all temporal chastisements due to those who pray for my priests. There will be no Purgatory for those who mourn the lukewarm priests, but rather they will go to Heaven immediately after their last breath.
And now let Me embrace you again so that you receive the life I have made you partakers of with infinite joy.
That night with infinite Love, I washed the feet of My Apostles because it was the culminating moment to present My Church to the world.
I wanted My souls to know that even when they are weighed down by the greatest sins, they are not excluded from graces. They are with My most faithful souls. they are in My Heart receiving the graces they need.
I felt such sorrow at that moment knowing that, represented in Judas, My Apostle, there were so many souls gathered at My feet and washed so many times with My Blood, yet they were to be lost! At that time, I wanted to teach sinners that just because they have sinned, they must not walk away from Me thinking there is no recourse and that they will never be so loved. than before sinning. Poor souls! It’s not the feelings of a God Who shed all His Blood for you. Come all to Me and do not be afraid, for I love you. I will purify you with My Blood and you will be as white as snow. I will drown your sins in the water of My Mercy and nothing will be able to tear from My Heart the Love I have for you.
My beloved, I did not choose you in vain, respond to My election with generosity. Be faithful and firm in the faith. Be meek and humble so that others can know the greatness of My humility.

Passion of Katya Rivas: Jesus is getting ready

Extract 3


There are souls who consider My Passion, but very few who think of My preparation for My public life: My solitude!
The forty days I spent at the edge of the hill were the most trying hours of my life because I spent them completely alone, preparing my Spirit for what was to come. I suffered from hunger, thirst, discouragement and bitterness. I knew that for these people My sacrifice would be useless, for they would deny Me. In this solitude, I understood that neither My new doctrine nor My sacrifices and miracles could save the Jewish people who would become God’s killers.
Nevertheless, I had to do My duty, the Divine Mission. I had to leave My seed first and die later. How sad, seen from a human point of view!
I was also a man and I felt sadness and anguish. I found myself very alone! I mortified My Body by fasting and My Spirit by prayer. I prayed for all mankind who would deny me, who would sacrifice me so many times…
I was tempted like any other mortal, and Satan was never more curious to know who this man was who remained in such loneliness and abandonment.
Think of all that I had to go through to save man, to be able to reign in his heart, to make possible his entry into My Father’s Kingdom.


EDITOR’S NOTES: In Lent 2022, Scoop publishes – for the 23rd time – a series of daily reflections on the Passion by Bolivian author Katya Rivas. Rivas has received an official imprimatur from the Catholic Church for several books.. To order a video about Katya’s work visit… apleatohumanity.com

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