Hesa’s geographic spread and link to Oxecart’s market, the partnership will provide a seamless technology experience and also benefit farmers by becoming the Hesaathi of Hesa.

With a mission to enable local farmers to have good market connections, Hesa, India’s leading Agri-FinTech startup, has announced its partnership with OxeCart, India’s first independent virtual auction platform. region of India that allows stock type trade for agricultural products. Through Hesa’s geographic spread and Oxecart’s market connection, this partnership will provide a seamless technology experience with the built-in benefits of last mile connectivity and will also benefit farmers by becoming the Hesaathi of Hesa. Moreover, through this partnership, Oxecart aims to become the fastest F2B platform by 2025.

Currently, Hesa ​​has connected over 30 lakh rural consumers in 27,000 villages in 28 districts of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and over 35,000 “Hesaathis”. Oxecart has built highly scalable, easy-to-use technology capable of connecting 140 million farmers to over 20 million retailers. It has helped farmers earn up to 20% more by increasing the reach of their products.

In the digital world, new technologies are redefining the way companies connect with their customers. With Oxecart having the deep technology expertise and market tie reach and Hesa ​​having the geographic reach and super application capabilities, this partnership will work to integrate the two technologies which will deliver a seamless experience with the built-in benefits last mile connectivity. Hesathis will help introduce the Oxecart platform to millions of rural farmers and empower them to use modern technology to market their produce from the comfort of their homes.

Speaking on the partnership, Vamsi Udayagiri, co-founder and CEO of Hesa, said, “Hesa has always believed in offering more diverse products and services on its rural technology (e- rural trade). This partnership also allows our partners to excel and develop in their chosen sector/field. Having a user-friendly product and geographic strength will only help in all types of alliances we forge in the future. We strongly believe in the reach of technology in the field of agriculture and aim to have a more positive impact on the lives of farmers through our Hesaathis through this alliance.

Speaking on the partnership, Madhu Yaduguri, Co-Founder and CEO of Oxecart said, “Oxecart has always believed that technology is the only way to bridge the digital divide in India’s agriculture sector. The combination of our deep technology stack with Hesa’s rural network alleviates the digital divide problem by bringing farmers and their buyers into the digital society in a way that is economically beneficial to both parties.

OxeCart (www.oxecart.com) is an F2B (Farm to Business) agricultural trade and logistics platform, India’s first independent virtual auction platform in the region for agricultural products. It allows buyers and farmers to buy and sell agricultural products more efficiently through our mobile apps using our proprietary dual-bid auction process while getting quality produce. Oxecart has also built an integrated Agri Logistics as a Service (AlaaS) to consolidate and optimize the farm-to-business supply chain while being asset-light.

Aiming to bridge the rural-urban divide, Hesa ​​connects Bharat to India in a phygital (physical + digital) way. It enables technology in rural India for customers and brands to buy, sell, promote, deliver, all in one platform. The startup is a convenience-enabling social enterprise with multiple solutions for both ends connecting rural entrepreneurs and brands. For this reason, it has become a unique solution for accessing rural markets. Hesa, a digital B2B platform, has achieved its vision of revolutionizing the rural commerce sector with the help of its great ground force called “Hesaathis”.