Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel believes F1 needs to do more and with more haste to tackle its global climate approach.

Vettel has become an environmental activist and has expressed his perspective this year on the changes he believes are necessary to achieve a better world.

Right now, F1 has set itself a goal of reusing, recycling or composting all race waste by 2025, followed five years later to ensure that everyone involved in the sport has a net zero carbon footprint. .

“There are good ideas and good deeds, and while I can’t speak for everything because I’m just not up to date with everything in every country, is that enough? No it’s not sufficient, ”Vettel said.

“Do we roll out a mat every Sunday in front of the gates with a lot of good messages? Yes. Are we always by their side? I think not. We have to do more. We have to take more responsibility.”

In F1’s pipeline there are greener fuels and powertrains, although the latter is not expected to be introduced until 2026.

Vettel added: “I think we can have a more relevant set of regulations that deserve their place in society.

“Ideally then you have what Formula 1 is – technical leadership and road-relevant technology that one day gets transferred to the road for the benefit of all of us.

“As currently implemented, I think the relevance is very limited. Nothing should change in the next four to five years. I understand the reasons, but is that correct?

Vettel believes the F1 calendar could also be addressed to “stop or avoid unnecessary back and forth”.

Highlighting other changes, he said: “The way we organize our events, we need to take more responsibility. I think we can take that to the next level.

“To achieve carbon neutrality there are many ways to achieve it. For me it has to be done in a way that fits the approach of F1.

“We have to see it in terms of this huge challenge and try to hit it hard rather than maybe approach it in a ‘We won’t make it, but we can buy a lot of certificates to make it’ way. It’s an option, better than nothing.

“But for me, I don’t feel like it’s the Formula 1 way, like in ‘Here’s a challenge – I want to be the fastest driver on the grid, to have the fastest car, be the best team. Am I going to do this? ‘ It’s not by taking shortcuts. “

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