Washington and Lee have already made some changes. He abolished Confederate flags and canceled visits by Confederate groups. This year, she hired her first Associate President for Diversity and Inclusion.

The board of directors announced Friday that it wants to expand its own diversity representation, form a board committee on diversity, equity and inclusion, and conduct a review of residential and social institutions on campus. The board of directors is made up of 28 people, including 23 men. More than three quarters of the board is white.

The board said the university will commit to establishing a new university center for the study of southern race relations, culture and politics, as well as making changes to symbols and buildings. campus, including renaming and renovating Lee Chapel. The board also wants to redesign the diploma, which is stamped with portraits of Lee and George Washington.

The university will also be ending Founders Day, an event held annually in January on Lee’s birthday.

The Board of Directors announced that $ 225 million will be spent on scholarships, program development and student support, including fundraising to support its efforts to disregard a candidate’s ability. to pay for his studies when making admission decisions and to guarantee funding for internships and other experiences.

Faculty have expressed frustration with this decision. Law professor Chris Seaman called for immediate efforts to improve board diversity.

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