Interestingly, the Prime Minister and the CJI have called for the early release of the sub-trials, but what about the backlog of court cases? Why does nobody talk about the excessive slowness of the functioning of justice? What is the justification for summer and winter holidays for judges when the courts are air-conditioned? Does crime stop during the holidays? This practice should be discontinued. Liability must be fixed for any unjustified delay in the administration of justice. If other government officials work eight hours a day, if the prime minister can work 15 to 16 hours a day, why can’t judges work more hours to clear the backlog?

Nirmal Kumar bhalla, by mail

Rights Awareness

Refer to “Every citizen must be informed of their rights: CJI Ramana”; India’s Chief Justice has rightly said that we must educate citizens about their constitutional rights and duties. Justice Ramana emphasized the role of lawyers as a vital cog in creating and sustaining societies in which the rule of law, democratic values ​​and human rights are respected. Young lawyers have an obligation to society and must play an important role in spreading legal awareness so that citizens can understand and exercise their rights which will determine the quality of democratic life enjoyed by the people.

Harpreet Sandhu, Ludhiana

The center must keep its word

See “Farmers in Haryana Protest Center’s MSP Pledge ‘Breach’”; it is worrying that farmers are protesting against the Centre’s failure to deliver on promises made before their year-long agitation was suspended. The government has alleged that some groups are carrying out their political agenda, backed by opposition parties, but farmers have accused the Center of reneging on its promise of legal MSP guarantee for all crops. The Center is expected to duly honor its commitment. The current protests should not be allowed to grow into serious proportions and return to the preventable 2020 position.

Vinayak G, by mail

Boycott the opportunists

Reference to “Lure of Rs 10 cr for Jharkhand MPs to overthrow the government: Congress”; if that’s true, that’s a big insult to our democracy. The word “bargaining” had never been heard by the framers of our Constitution, otherwise they would have incorporated its remedies. In the current context, both parties play the game of allegations and counter-allegations and try to mislead the population. If the Constitution cannot defend the rights of voters, the voters themselves should come forward to protect their rights. Anyone who tries to change loyalties after winning elections should be boycotted and not allowed to enter a village or town. ED should immediately raid their premises and catch them in the act with the ill-gotten money.

Faqir Singh, Dasuya

Crop diversification

The crop diversification model launched with fanfare in Punjab in 2006 has yielded no results. Instead, the government has spent huge sums of money on ill-founded and ill-conceived schemes. Nodal agencies have failed to create an effective ecosystem. As a result, many farmers have been left behind when it comes to marketing their produce. The wheat-paddy cycle continues to flourish due to the central policy regarding the supply of food grains under the PDS. Unless farmers are shown the cost-benefit ratio of alternative crops, with an assured link to the market, it would be difficult to break this cycle. The “food bowls” of northern India are experiencing an alarming drop in groundwater levels.

Raminder Bhatti, Chandigarh

Counterproductive act

About “Humbled, med varsity VC leaves”; the humiliating behavior of the Punjab Minister of Health towards Dr. Raj Bahadur is condemnable. It is essential that politicians behave in public. Their actions must inspire the public as well as the administration. This can only be achieved if a politician has a good academic background. What is the result in this case? A doctor of such caliber resigns from his service.

Om Parkash Sandhu, Naya Nangal

Appoint medical minister

The rude behavior inflicted on a senior doctor and VC of a health university by the new Minister of Health is condemnable. He should have taken up the matter privately with the VC. The CM previously targeted political parties to appoint less educated ministers, mocking highly educated young people, forcing them to go abroad. He is expected to appoint a doctor as health minister, in place of a Class 12 fainting. The government is also expected to hold a behavior course for newly elected members.


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