After the success of last year’s Hellfire Gala, significant events have taken place for the mutants of Arakko and Krakoa. Mutants were not only able to terraform Mars, but it gave SWORD leader Abigail Brand a chance to unveil a new creation to a host of intergalactic aliens. This creation was a metal known as mysterium, and it gave the X-Men another victory by becoming their own sovereign nation.

This mutant-made metal was created and harvested from the White Hot Room, which only former hosts of the Phoenix Force and the Six, a group of mutants with specific teleportation and amplification powers, can safely access. security. The Six, along with SWORD, began stockpiling the metal in preparation for the Hellfire Gala.

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There are many unique properties of the mysterium. For starters, it’s as strong as secondary adamantium, which is known to be stronger than steel, but not as strong as the original metal itself. Mysterium conducts electricity with one hundred percent efficiency, but neither conducts nor retains heat. It also has magnetic properties as well as magical abilities. It resonates with magic and can therefore nullify even the strongest magic.

Brand used it to create a new form of currency in intergalactic space and called it “the Sol”. Small amounts were given as gifts to galactic nations who agreed to recognize Arakko as the capital of the solar system and Storm as the ruler of Mars and the voice of the ground. Everyone did except the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda.

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Mysterium has been used by many mutants as currency to pay for things. Emma Frost used the mysterium to buy the Mercury from Eden Rixlo, and later it was renamed The New Marauder and is used by the Marauders themselves. In x-men #11 (by Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, Marte Garcia, and VC’s Clayton Cowles), Rogue used it as a down payment to enter Gameworld. Throughout the galaxy, “The Sol” has already become an informal term for the new form of credit, as news of its existence has spread throughout the universe.

However, mysterium is not only used as a form of money. In Marauders Volume 2, Kate Pryde found a puzzle box made of mysterium that contained clues to a secret regarding the early mutants and the Shi’ar Empire. But it’s not just the X-Men who use metal. In the series, Spider-Man 2099: Exodus (by Steve Orlando, Dave Wachter, Carlos Lopez, and VC’s Clayton Cowles), fans see this metal appear in numbers one and two.

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In Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #1, Miguel O’Hara enlists the help of Winter Soldier 13, and readers learn about his past through the exhibit panels. She confronted her former commander, Chief Woland, who attempted to negotiate with her using a damaged mysterium data disc containing memories of her past. Later, she was able to take him to the Celestial Garden, where she used the waters to repair him and regain his lost memories.

In issue #2, Alchemax’s Aesir program turned out to be a complete failure, and when they couldn’t replace the deities, they decided to use what the program had created to destroy the gods. This was put to the test by using a huge serpent and lab-made versions of Valkyries to destroy Asgard, all imbued with mysterium. Loki was the sole survivor of this catastrophe, along with a Valkyrie created by Alchemax. Together they embarked on a quest to restore Asgard and absolve the guilt they each harbor for what they did that day.


Mysterium has also appeared in issues of guardians of the galaxy Vol 6 #18 (by Al Ewing, Juan Frigeri, Frederico Blee and Cory Petit of VC) to wrap up The Last Annihilation event. It was used to stop Dormammu and his army of Mindless Ones due to the metal’s anti-magical properties.

As numerous comics prove, the mysterium has many uses beyond just trading currency in space. It can be used to craft different items and can even bond with organic matter. This begs the question: what else is this metal made by mutants capable of? Comic book writers can certainly explore more uses for this metal in future issues as it continues to impact the Marvel Universe.