Race day for Formula 1 events is tedious and consists of a series of preparations. Let’s take a look at what happens on race day!

Before the start of the F1 race, the team goes through preparation and events to prepare. Everything is pre-planned and carefully scheduled from the morning until five minutes before the race. Let’s see what a day of Formula 1 racing looks like without further ado!

Morning – Preparation before the race

The team arrives on the track at 7:30. The strategy department meets to define the preferred plans. Drivers start their race day with a sports massage and a warm-up exercise. Additionally, drivers consume electrolyte drinks and water to stay hydrated and mentally sharp.


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90 minutes before the race – Race Briefing

An hour and a half before the race, the whole team meets in the garage for the race plan briefing. They discuss pit stop scenarios, weather reports and start plans.

60 minutes before the race – Grid preparation and driver warm-up

With just an hour to go before the race, the drivers perform reaction drills, stretches, active drills and eye muscle exercises to prepare.

Meanwhile, the mechanics transfer the carts to the grid. Additionally, they prepare generators and cooling fans to cool racing cars.


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40 minutes before the race – Opening of the pit lane

Pit lane opens 40 minutes before race time. At this time, the cars settle on the installation lap. Drivers take their vehicles for a test drive around the installation lap to get a feel for the conditions.

The team inspects the car based on the driver’s inputs. The rest of the group also checks the race radio transmissions. A news feed also includes updates on last minute issues, tire temperature instructions and weather conditions.

Senior race engineer and mechanic install tire covers, cooling fans and lanyards to control the car. On the other hand, the powertrain engineers prepare the start sequence.

30 minutes before the race – Closing of the pit lane

Thirty minutes before the race, the cars must leave the garage and join the track. Additionally, drivers participate in the final grid procedures, including the national anthem. A slew of signals and sirens mark the countdown to the start of the race.


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10 minutes before the race – clearance from the grid

As race time approaches, the commotion on the grid calms down. Only FIA officials, starting teams and drivers remain on the grid. Engineers perform last-minute checks and drivers perform pre-race rituals.

Countdown, training and finally the race!

Five minutes before the race, the team must mount the wheels and disconnect the tire covers from the power supply. The lead engineering team gathers on the pit wall after removing all non-essential equipment from the grid. Once the one minute signal is reached, the team must remove the tire covers and start the engines.

The cars are approaching the formation lap, where they cannot overtake. Drivers use this time to select the setting to heat the brakes and perform pre-start operations.

Once the cars are lined up, the five red light start sequence begins. As soon as these signals go out, the cars race forward and the race begins.


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Race day is going pretty well with a busy schedule. It’s amazing to learn the amount of preparation needed!

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