Ghosting is an increasingly common phenomenon. It happens when You end an emotional relationship by cutting off all communication with the person without giving any explanations. This action can have serious psychological consequences on the person who receives it, so it is not recommended to indulge in this practice. Part of this phenomenon is not answering messages and calls, and even disappearing overnight. Do you know what ghosting is and what are the risks it entails? Let’s find out.

The feeling of rejection

Rejection of any kind that causes pain is a trait of human beings. It becomes more intense if, as in these cases, there is no final closure. If there are feelings towards the ghost one, the pain will be even greater and increase if many questions remain unanswered.

Ghosting can be found in all areas, with friends or with a partner. Also at the workplace or with colleagues. By simply disappearing without notice, this practice is incurred. Block the other person on all social networks too. This attitude is unexpected, it happens without warning, and the victim is taken aback.


At first we think something happened to this person and that’s why they stopped responding. Over time, abandonment manifests itself. Ghost images can even appear in a stable relationship, when the other person suddenly disappears without an explanation. The reaction of those who suffer from it is stress, anxiety and sometimes feelings of guilt.

Although anyone can ghost it is a younger attitude.. According to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships in 2018, one-fifth of people have engaged in ghosting. At least a quarter have experienced it in a relationship.

Consequences and recovery

The consequences of ghosting are very negative for those who suffer from it. Helplessness, disbelief, anger can lead to depression and anxiety. If your self-esteem is low, it can increase your feeling of worthlessness in front of others and believing that you deserve it.

Recovery basically happens by not questioning or falling into blame, unless we made a mistake.. In most cases, ghost images have nothing to do with who receives them. We need to allow ourselves to feel the emotions, we can also talk about how we feel with someone we trust. Engaging in activities that help us manage pain like yoga or meditation is ideal.

Now that you know what ghosting is and its risks, you can realize how to avoid ghosting. These are very negative acts for those who experience them.

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