JIM HARBAUGH: It was complicated for me. I don’t know about Coach Smart.
KIRBY SMART: Yeah, I enjoyed the ride. I take the ride every year. I have a feeling in Michigan and Georgia you are never the target. If you go through the year and say, well, we go up this year and we go up and this and that, look, it doesn’t matter who we play, both teams,
we have a lot of rivals. We’re very unique in that there is – everyone’s a rival in your conference when you go to play, and you’re one of the best shows in the country, the best shows in the country, you get the best shot from everyone. It’s not about their shot, it’s really about your shot.
My job is to make sure that we give the best of ourselves to everyone we play with. I am not interested in the climb and the climb. What interests me is to be at our best when we have to, and that’s ultimately what we try to do in every game, how to improve it. The process and the journey you go through along the way, the bumps and bruises, the injuries, the players entering, the players exiting, all of that pain is part of the journey and the process that you are trying to enjoy.

JIM HARBAUGH: I would say no matter what day it’s nice to work in football. Great to be there. It could be a practice day and you’re right there on the pitch, under the sky, on the grass. It is a wonderful thing.

You’ve asked me before about – I would do it for free. I would do this work for free. I love.

Whether it’s day one, game one, or where we’re in right now, which we’re very – we feel really happy about it. Guess I just enjoyed the ride the whole time. Every day is a blessing, and happy for it and blessed for it.