End a marriage

The decision to end a marriage is one of the most difficult you will make in your life. Emotions, stress and sadness are at stake when it comes to facing an uncertain future, whether the breakup is amicable or contentious. When children are involved, the dissolution of a marriage is more difficult because their well-being is fundamentally important.

Sometimes a couple work things out and save the relationship, while others struggle for a while before making a firm choice. Many times the marriage will end in hostile and antagonistic ways over matters relating to property, finances, child custody and other reasons. You may need to plead these issues.

We asked Richmond Texas Divorce Lawyers to the Vendt law firm to provide information on divorce proceedings for clarity. If you are facing a possible divorce, the following can help you understand what can happen next.

Why you need experienced legal help

The guiding hand of an experienced lawyer can provide you with clear options and vigorous representation in divorce court. Each step will become less emotionally stressful as you avoid delays, mistakes or binding agreements and other aspects of your divorce. You will be better able to effectively communicate your wants and needs because your lawyer will help you navigate the legal system.

Things to know about divorce law

With the essential advice offered by your legal advisor, it is much easier to make informed decisions than if you had to go through the process on your own. Divorce lawyers can help you with issues such as:

How to File for Divorce in Texas

recognize that there is a “no-fault divorce” and also a “no-fault divorce” which takes into account a contributing factor that affects child custody and alimony

understand that Texas is a community property state that affects the division of property acquired during a marriage

understand that the nature and extent of spousal support after divorce may be possible; enter into a private agreement.


texan lawrequires that people seeking to end their marriage provide grounds for divorce. Both fault and absence of fault are recognized as grounds for divorce.

No reason for fault

Most are clear grounds for unbearable divorces due to disagreements or personality conflicts without expectation of reconciliation.

Grounds for fault include: cruelty; adultery; conviction of a crime; live separately for three years; abandonment for at least one year; and internment in a mental hospital where adjustment is unlikely or relapse is possible.

Fault filing, which can affect the division of property and alimony, will in all likelihood require you to disclose sensitive information about your marriage in open court.

A Texas divorce attorney like those at the Vendt law firm will review all of your options with you to determine the correct grounds for your divorce. This way you can reach a position to make the best choice for your situation.

Types of Divorces

Learn about the type of divorce you will be facing, how to divide marital property, how to determine custody of children, if applicable, and much more what is specific to you as governed. by Texas Divorce Law.

A divorce lawyer will help you protect your legal and financial rights during a divorce, for example in the following cases:

High net worth – those who have accumulated high value assets involving a large division of community property, spousal support, and child support

Contested – those where spouses cannot agree on the fundamental issues of a divorce and require wise legal skills to find fair resolutions to disputes

Child custody – those that require a court to consider the best interests of minor children and require competent representation

Division of property – those subject to a fair and just division of community property need sound advice on the nature and character of the division of certain property

Small business owner – those where business ownership interests as community property may become a point of significant conflict require experienced legal aid to navigate

Changes to Divorce Orders – Divorces requiring changes due to material circumstances justifying a change in the orders require legal assistance

Step-parent adoptions – those involving step-parents where the divorce did not terminate parental rights may require a lawyer to help with the adoption process


By consulting with a divorce lawyer from the Vendt law firm, you can explore all of your options in your situation. They can also provide you with helpful coping resources after you have said and done.

If you are having marital problems, believe a divorce is imminent and need a consultation, we recommend that you contact the attorneys at Vendt law firm in Richmond. They have years of success in the greater Houston area and are now taking on new cases.

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