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Jenny Cudd is all the the rage across America.

It’s not a Midland tale. A few clips from his video from Wednesday night in front the Washington, DC hotels are getting millions of views on their pages. Social media posts of individuals across the country are getting hundreds of thousands of responses , and the content is being shared in a way that is unparalleled.

The public’s reaction is not a favorable one for those willing to take part in the Wednesday events in Capitol Hill.

In this regard Here’s a look at Jenny Cudd as well as the experiences he had at Midland.

What is Jenny Cudd?

The introduction action into the realm of political science

Cudd was a name in Midland after she was elected to the Midland’s mayor in the month of November 2019. The campaign she ran on featured the tagline “Midland should be treated greater”. She was a foreign-born candidate who felt that Midland’s Midland municipal administration was not efficient when it came to tackling the growing problems that plagued Midland.

Cudd was one of the candidates to compete against Jerry Morales and Patrick Payton in the race to win the mayor’s position. Cudd was successful with 15.6% of the votes. This election in 2020 was a huge success. Cudd was a participant in demonstrations in Odessa  and Midland against the closing of businesses as well as mask warrants that are linked the COVID-19. Cudd also staged counter-protests following the gathering in the area of Pastor Bob’s residence accused him of being an agent for China. Chinese government.


In the trading of flowers

Jenny Cudd have a flower shop named Becky’s Flower  within WestMidland, and she has also created the website the platform online for software that let her customers input certain dates, such as birthdays, birthdays. Birthdays birthdays, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

She previously explained to the Reporter-Telegram that her intention behind the idea was to collect data on how users use the platform, then offer flower shop licences throughout the nation “we have partnerships across the country “.


Experiences with marijuana

In the year of 2019, Cudd stated in the year 2019 to The Reporter-Telegram that she also owned an interest in a “consulting firm” which worked with medicalmarijuana growers across Oklahoma

Jenny Cudd declared that she had “50% of Mad Lady Hatter’s Tea House as well as 4 percent the Top Dollar Equity” which is equivalent to “1.5shares in consulting companies. 

In July of 2020, she was featured in a commercial video titled “Cannabis InvestmentOpportunity” — SummitBoys hosted by J. Cudd”. In the video, she said within the clip the fact that SummitBoys are from state of Oklahoma.

The video explains her experiences as a cannabis entrepreneur is two cannabis farms located in Oklahoma as well as having secured 1.25million dollars from investors to seed money for her second one, as well as being adamant to start a new one within Oklahoma.


Recipient of tax payer funds

In 2017, MidlandDevelopment Corporation donated the sum of 264,000USD to Midland Entrepreneurial Challenge. SmallBusiness Development Center at the University of TexasPermian Basin to oversee the Midland EntrepreneurialChallenge. 

Jenny Cudd Enterprises – also operating as CYA Flowers, a company owned by Cudd – was one of the 4 winners picked from the judges panel. The company was awarded $63,000 by SBDC in addition to UTPB. MDC recently announced that it is entirely controlled and managed by SBDC as well as UTPB. The MDC announced that an uninvolved jury, not linked with the MDC staff or board chose winners and determined the amount that should be awarded as prizes.

“The MDC played no role in the choice of winners and had no say in the power to accept or reject the choice made by independent jurors.” According to the MDC.

Cudd has also stated in her “Jenny Louise” FB page that she had received P3 funds to pay employees. An early search on shows that CuddEnterprises, which lists the same address as the Becky’s Flowers, also received an economic disaster loan of 150,000USD. Cudd Enterp. LLC. Also, they received an PPP loan of $41,000 as per the SmallBusiness Administration.

The employee wrote to the company in relation to the cash she received: “Considering the huge amount of taxes I must pay, and knowing that my business was eligible and eligible to apply, I considered the P3 as an opportunity to refund a portion of the money I given to the employees I hired. There were some months.

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