Jenny Cudd is all the rage across the country.

It’s not just a Midland story. Snippets of his video Wednesday night outside a Washington, DC hotel are receiving millions of pageviews. Social media posts by people across the country are receiving tens of thousands of comments and the stories are being consumed at an unprecedented rate.

The reaction has not been favorable to those who approve of his involvement in Wednesday’s events on Capitol Hill.

That being said, here’s a look at Cudd and his time in Midland.

Who is Jenny Cudd?

An introduction to politics

Cudd rose to prominence in Midland when she ran for mayor in November 2019. Her campaign included the slogan “Midland Deserves Better”. She was the foreign candidate who believed municipal government had been ineffective in dealing with growing problems in Midland.

Cudd ran against Patrick Payton and Jerry Morales for mayor. It won 15.6% of the vote. In 2020, Cudd actively participated in protests in Midland and Odessa against business closures and potential mask warrants related to the COVID-19 pandemic. She also staged counter-protests when picketers outside Pastor Bob Fu’s home accused him of being a spy for the Chinese government.

In the flower trade

Cudd is the owner of Becky’s Flower, a flower shop in West Midland, and she has also created, an online software platform that allows customers to enter special dates – such as birthdays, birthdays, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

She previously told The Reporter-Telegram that her plan with the concept was to collect data on how customers use the platform and then sell licenses for flower shops nationwide, “we have therefore partners across the country “.

His experience with cannabis

In 2019, Cudd told The Reporter-Telegram that she owned a percentage in a “consulting firm that works with medical marijuana grow facilities in the state of Oklahoma.”

Cudd said she owned “50 percent of Mad Hatter’s Tea House and 4 percent of Top Dollar Equity” and this equates to “1.5 shares in consulting firms.”

In July 2020, she appeared in a marketing video, “Cannabis Investment Opportunity – Summit Boys presented by Jenny Cudd”. She said in the video that the Summit Boys are from Oklahoma.

In this video, she reported that her background in the cannabis industry includes owning two Oklahoma-based farms, having raised $ 1.25 million in investor capital in seed money for the second facility and having interest in an Oklahoma-based dispensary.

Recipient of taxpayer funding

In 2017, Midland Development Corp. provided $ 264,000 to the Small Business Development Center at the University of Texas Permian Basin to administer the Midland Entrepreneurial Challenge.

Cudd Enterprises – also doing business as CYA Flowers, an entity owned by Jenny Cudd – was one of four winners selected by the judges. His company received $ 63,000 from SBDC and UTPB. MDC reported this week that the program is fully managed and supervised by SBDC and UTPB. They said an independent jury, unrelated to the MDC board or staff, selected the winning companies and determined the amounts to be distributed as prizes.

“The MDC played no role in the selection of winners and did not have the capacity to approve or reject a winner selected by the independent jury,” reported the MDC.

Cudd also said on her “Jenny Louise” Facebook page that she received P3 funding to help pay her employees. An early search on shows that Cudd Enterprises, which lists the same address as Becky’s Flowers, also received an economic disaster loan of $ 150,000. Cudd Enterprises LLC. also obtained a PPP loan of $ 41,000 according to the Small Business Administration.

She wrote the following about receiving money: “Considering the huge amount of taxes I pay and the fact that my business was eligible for it and I applied, I considered the P3 to be a refunding some of my money that paid the nine people I employ. some months.

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