According to the producers of the James Bond franchise, the show will never spawn a TV series, but that means 007 will struggle to stay relevant.

The producers of the James Bond franchise vetoed the option of bringing the 007 universe to the small screen after no time to die ends Daniel Craig’s role in the role, but they are wrong to turn down the option altogether. Since its debut on the big screen in 1962 Dr. No, James Bond starred in twenty-five cinematic adventures and was played by seven actors. The suave super-spy was played by Daniel Craig, who should be replaced in the role now that no time to die has published.

However, replacing the actor playing 007 doesn’t mean the show’s creators will change their approach to the show wholesale. According to a recent interview with TotalFilm (Going through Game radars), the franchise producers claimed that they would never make a James Bond TV show. This could be a shocking announcement for some fans hoping to see James Bond Extended Universe spin-offs. However, short stories aren’t necessarily the right fit for the franchise, as 007 struggles to maintain relevance in a competitive movie market.


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According to the producers of the 007 franchise, the idea of ​​a television spin-off for the James Bond series is to be avoided. In the interview, producer Barbara Broccoli said “we make films for the cinema. this is what we do“, vetoing any chance of a small-screen release for 007. Meanwhile, fellow franchise producer Michael G Wilson noted that the siren call of a potentially lucrative TV spin-off had only nothing new, saying”we have resisted this call for 60 years.” However, what no producer seems to realize is that the media landscape is changing, and most major franchises now have small-screen elements, allowing creators to deepen their knowledge (and fill their pockets). Craig’s era as James Bond has established a compelling continuity and franchise canon that a small-screen spin-off could capitalize on, which means the producers are wrong in their appeal and their reluctance illustrates a problem. underlying with the franchise.

Bond must evolve with the times

Sean Connery Pierce Brosnan Danial Craig James Bond

As a character, James Bond has often been accused of being late, with a self-referential joke from a 90s outing of the franchise even referring to the character as a “misogynistic dinosaur” and “remnant of the cold war.” As is the case with most characters whose stories balance elements of real-world espionage with pure escapism, James Bond has been at his best in recent years when he has evolved over time in terms of tone. and avoided falling into nostalgic recreations of 007’s ’60s glory days. 2006. Casino Royale. The medium on which the 007 series is set must also change over time, as the series did when popular novels by Ian Fleming were first adapted to film.

Attempting to keep the James Bond franchise as it has been since the ’60s is doomed to failure, something 007 can’t afford after years out of the movies. With six years between Spectrum and no time to die, the Bond franchise was in danger of losing the attention of paying audiences as an increasing number of massive series squeezed the spy’s audience share. The 007 franchise has already made it clear that creators can adapt to audience demand if necessary, as proven by screenwriter Roald Dahl taking the original novel dark and austere. you only live twice and turning it into a goofy, over-the-top live-action cartoon with killer piranha pits and hidden bases inside inactive volcanoes. If the series has managed to make the tonal leap from serious novels to sillier, lighter blockbusters, there’s no reason to believe the creators can’t pull off the same transformation by bringing Bond – or at least elements of the franchise — on the small screen.

Bond needs fallout to survive

M informs James Bond that his actions in Madagascar have caused an international incident at Casino Royale

In the interview, the producers vetoed a “teen bond“TV show, but the franchise will eventually have to branch out into TV in some form to survive in the current cultural climate. Many of the biggest franchises are all acclimating to spitting their time between the big and small screen or die. However, a teen Bond series may not be the way to go because, even without the reluctance of producers, it would face fierce competition from existing series. Stormbreaker series and the Kingsman movies. However, spinoffs that focus on the franchise’s supporting cast would allow the series to keep Bond himself on the big screen, ensuring the creators didn’t compromise the mystique of 007, while fleshing out the stories of countless characters that fans always have. wanted to know more.

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A Bond TV show could explore countless avenues

Christoph Waltz in Blofeld, Daniel Craig in 007 and Jesper Christensen in White in James Bond

Whether it’s a backstory for Bond, the adventures of other 00 agents, the story of the creation of SPECTRE, a period piece on M’s rise in MI6 or a number of other options, there are tons of stories the 007 franchise can tell. Many potential James Bond spin-offs, like a series detailing the rise of his nemesis Blofeld, don’t even require Bond himself to be present, ensuring that the release of a new 007 movie would still be an event as interest in the franchise would be kept alive between cinematic releases. Keeping James Bond himself off the small screen is a fair goal for franchise producers, but that approach doesn’t rule out the possibility of other spin-off series on the small screen.

To keep 007’s cinematic releases while giving eager fans more reason to care about the aging series, James Bond producers will have to work with the existing media landscape and find a way to bring the world of espionage to life. television and streaming services. . no time to die director Cary Fukunaga’s work on real detective proved that television could be as dynamic and inventive as anything from the Craig era of the James Bond franchise, and sticking to a formula that has become obsolete in recent years will do the show a disservice in the future. to come up. James Bond will struggle to survive after no time to dieand its creators must adapt to the small screen to keep the super spy fortune afloat.

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