The legendary politician, who has championed many of the underlying principles found in healthy currency, believes freedom is inherent in Bitcoin.

One of the most exciting times for me personally at Bitcoin 2021 was having the chance to interview Dr Ron Paul. A true pioneer of libertarianism, Dr Paul is an advocate for many of the underlying principles present in Bitcoin. It was truly an honor and a privilege to have a quick word from him on his thoughts on Bitcoin. Be sure to watch his Bitcoin 2021 speech on YouTube after reading our interview below.

Casey Carrillo: First of all, thank you very much for joining us, Dr Ron Paul. We really appreciate you coming. Many of us see you as one of our heroes, so thank you again.

To begin with, how did you first find out about Bitcoin?

Dr. Ron Paul: It was probably indirectly by just reading about it. When it started, I didn’t hear much about it because I wasn’t in it. Probably just business stations, magazines, and the freedom movement, they started to think about it. I think I associate it more with libertarianism, and I think no one blames me for associating Bitcoin with libertarianism, and I pointed out that the answers will come from dealing with the issue of freedom. Freedom is the answer, so all the quirks that need to be worked out, with government and everything in between, are a lot easier when we live in a free society where people are allowed to do whatever they want.

Carrillo: Absolutely, I think there is a connection between freedom and Bitcoin that cannot be cut. So what do you think the impact of unlicensed money will be on the world in the long run?

Paul: I do not really know ; I know there are a lot of opinions, but I think only time will tell. There are unforeseeable things. One would be the government; one would be “what is the world like?” I think things are going to get worse socially, but how do we react? And if it works that Bitcoin can work in parallel under the right circumstances, it could be very beneficial. If there was a society that had more respect for freedom, that made it a lot easier. Then you don’t have to dodge people who are trying to shut you down because they don’t want competition. And libertarians should be quite willing to have competition.

Carrillo: How do you think the United States could foster better innovation towards Bitcoin, especially American policymakers?

Paul: Although there are others who would know more about this, my idea is very simple; the less government the better. Just get them out of the way. There will always be risk in the things we do. In the new things there will be a risk, but the person doing it will benefit, they should also have the same risk to allow Bitcoin to grow and where they are going. I do not like it. I want people who know about the problem to have no interference from the government.

Carrillo: What makes you most optimistic about what you see in the Bitcoin community going forward?

Paul: I think the whole idea. I noticed it a lot during this meeting [Bitcoin 2021]. Sometimes if I go to a meeting I might not use the word libertarian and freedom because you know they might be more conservative, or independent, or democrats, but I always try to present it. Here what I found is that in this audience [Bitcoiners] I don’t think I offended anyone by putting the two terms together; Bitcoin as a libertarian idea. Because I think that’s where I first heard about it when libertarians got into computers before. I think the association is very clear that all is well. And I think I even ribbed the mayor [Francis Suarez] about it, and he took it very well.

And I don’t know if I’ve spent enough time on it, is that when people do things, you don’t endorse what they’re doing. Like I did with marijuana. I want it to be legal, but I don’t, or I don’t care. It is because people have the right to do it, and they also have the right to bear the consequences.

Carrillo: I totally agree, I really appreciate that you took the time to do this interview with me, Dr Paul, and I appreciate that you are here at Bitcoin 2021 with us. Thanks again.

Watch Dr. Ron Paul’s talk at Bitcoin 2021 on YouTube.

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