An early flurry from the hosts knocked Mexico down early and El Tri Femenil never recovered, losing 4-0 to the defending World Cup champions in East Hartford, Connecticut.

Mexico started the game on a high note, creating a counterattack in the third minute that resulted in a shot from Stephany Mayor. The mayor’s shot was saved well by Alyssa Naeher, however, but Mexico managed to maintain decent pressure in the attacking zone. In the fifth minute, Jocelyn Orejel got a free kick to the head, but it unfortunately went way over the net. Then the United States descended on the field on a long balloon forward for Carli Lloyd. Lloyd led Lindsey Horan, who finished with a strike past Itzel González to make the score 1-0 for the hosts. Despite the pass appearing to be offside, the game was allowed to stay.

From that point on, Mexico was back on their heels. Not five minutes later, a defensive breakdown left Lloyd open in the box and she was able to perform a diving header on a pass from Crystal Dunn to give the hosts a 2-0 lead.

The hosts appeared to have scored again a minute later when a pass was passed into defense, but Christen Press was ruled offside and his goal didn’t count. The hosts appeared to be on goal again in the 19th minute, but Orejel hit a perfect sliding tackle to dislodge the ball from Tobin Heath, much to the dismay of the crowd. In the 21st, Rose Lavelle hit a free kick but Itzel González made a fantastic diving save to put the ball to safety.

María Sánchez had a good chance in the 27th minute on a free kick, but her shot went just over the bar. In the 35th, Mexico had another counterattack on a bad gift in midfield. Kiana Palacios passed to Stephany Mayor but his shot was easily stopped. Then at the other end, Tobin Heath hit a long shot that thundered off the crossbar. Itzel González was able to get up and stop Press’s rebounding shot, but he ricocheted off defender Reyna Reyes and into the net.

Then, in the 38th, Sam Mewis found a wide-open Heath, who fired back to make it 4-0.

The second half was much better for Mexico, although it looked like the hosts had stepped down on the gas. One of Mexico’s strengths was María Sánchez, most often beating Kelly O’Hara on the right wing, but she failed to make a connection with the attackers. Itzel González was able to make several spectacular saves, and going forward it will be interesting to see whether she or Emily Alvarado is considered number one in Mexico.

Mexico stumbled badly in both of their outings against the defending World Cup champions, and although it was a nascent project, they were beaten in this two-game eight-to-none streak. There is still a lot of work to be done.

United States: Alyssa Naeher; Crystal Dunn (Emily Sonnett, 67 ‘), Becky Sauerbrunn, Abby Dahlkemper, Kelley O’Hara; Samantha Mewis (Catarina Macario, 67 ‘), Lindsey Horan (Tierna Davidson, 79’), Rose Lavelle (Alex Morgan, 45 ‘); Christen Press, Carli Lloyd (Megan Rapinoe, 45 ‘), Tobin Heath (Kristie Mewis, 45’)

Mexico: Itzel González; Jimena López, Jocelyn Orejel, Reyna Reyes (Bianca Sierra, 65 ‘), Cristina Ferral (Karina Rodríguez, 57’); Maria Sanchez; Rebeca Bernal (Diana García, 87 ‘), Nancy Antonio (Nicole Pérez, 87’); Stephany Mayor, Kiana Palacios (Katty Martínez, 65 ‘), Alison González (Daniela Espinoza, 57’)

Rating: United States – Lindsey Horan (6 ‘), Carli Lloyd (11’), Reyna Reyes (37 ‘- autogol), Tobin Heath (39’); Máxico – None

Disciplinary: United States – None; Mexico – Reyna Reyes (Yellow – 59 ‘)


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