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  • What are the main features of the Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid?

    The Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid comes standard with a K15C engine, 140V lithium-ion battery and inverter, seven airbags, multi-reflector LED headlights for low and high beam, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, recognition of traffic signs, a blind spot monitor, adaptive cruise control, automatic climate control and front and rear power windows, keyless entry and start, 17-inch silver-painted alloy wheels, rear privacy glass, white stitching for seat upholstery fabric, Smartphone audio link and navigation system.

  • How much does the Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid cost?

    The Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid is priced from £25,499 to £29,299.

  • The Suzuki Vitara, known for its city-focused design, compact dimensions and impressive performance, now features full-hybrid technology that reduces CO emissions2 emissions and improves fuel economy even more than the mild hybrid with automatic transmission. The Vitara Full Hybrid is manufactured at the Magyar Suzuki factory in Hungary, which also produces all-new S-Cross models for European markets and exports worldwide.

    The Vitara is a rugged vehicle that reflects Suzuki’s SUV aesthetic history. The front has a solid look, thanks to the clamshell bonnet and the trapezoidal pattern front bumper that implies strong grip on the ground. The hood side louvre patterns and prominent character lines on the body sides recall the first-generation 1988 Vitara.

    The Vitara Full Hybrid comes standard with seven airbags, multi-reflector LED headlights for low and high beam, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, traffic sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, automatic climate control and front and rear electric windows , keyless entry and start, 17-inch silver painted alloy wheels, rear privacy glass and white stitching for the seat upholstery fabric.

    The Vitara is available in 11 color options, one of which is a solid color. All the others have a metallic finish, with six of them having a two-tone metallic with a Cosmic Black roof.

    The new Suzuki system, which works with the new K15C engine, includes a 140V lithium-ion battery and inverter, a 12V lithium-ion battery and a traditional 12V lead-acid battery to power the components requiring lower voltage, such as lights, gauges, heating and air conditioning.

    The new hybrid system comes with two selectable modes: Eco and Standard. With a single switch, the driver can switch between the two modes depending on the situation. In Standard mode, the Motor Generator Unit (MGU) assists the gasoline engine more frequently, allowing for a more dynamic driving experience.

    The MGU is a belt-driven generator and starter that assists the gasoline engine when taking off the vehicle.

    The high-performance lithium-ion battery includes an idle stop function controlled by the integrated starter-alternator and stores electrical energy collected during deceleration and braking.

    The engine ECU predicts when the driver will accelerate based on engine speed and throttle position, then uses electric motor assistance to deliver more torque.

    In addition, the hybrid system efficiently captures kinetic energy and generates electricity by stopping the engine and disengaging the clutch during deceleration, thus extending the range of the electric vehicle. The Vitara, as a full hybrid, can run on just its electric motor for short distances.

    The Vitara Full Hybrid comes standard with Auto Gear Shift (AGS), which automatically shifts the manual transmission and optimizes gear ratios for a desirable balance of performance and fuel economy. This allows the driver to have the direct driving experience of a manual gearbox as well as the ease of shifting of an automatic transmission. Another significant advantage is the lower component weight compared to a traditional automatic-type torque converter. The transmission also has a manual mode with paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

    The position of the MGU on the output side of the transmission assembly is one of the most notable features of the all-new hybrid system with AGS. This allows the output of the MGU to be sent directly to the driveshafts, filling the torque gap during shifting and resulting in a smoother transmission transition.

    Due to the adoption of hybrid technology, high-strength steel and other weight-saving techniques in the body, the Vitara emits very little CO2. With the weight savings achieved throughout development, the Vitara is one of the lightest SUVs in its class at just 1,268 kg.

    Suzuki Vitara full hybrid

    Suzuki has also introduced a new generation of four-wheel-drive technologies that provide driving pleasure and peace of mind in a variety of situations while promoting economy and reducing the environmental impact of four-wheel-drive vehicles.

    Suzuki’s AllGrip “Select” system, which includes four driver-selectable modes for a safe and enjoyable ride on a variety of surfaces, is available as an option. It debuted in the S-Cross model.

    The Vitara AllGrip system has been improved throughout development by adding an advance function that distributes torque to the rear wheels before slippage occurs. Instead of reacting after a loss of grip, it manages the vehicle to avoid a loss of grip, which results in increased stability.

    The vehicle’s audio system includes a Smartphone Linkage Display Audio (SLDA) with a large seven-inch touchscreen for easy operation. The system also includes a three-dimensional navigation map that makes it easy to recognize landmarks, as well as the ability to use certain smartphone apps via MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

    Apple CarPlay is the smartest and safest way to use iPhone in the Vitara. In addition to making calls, it also allows the driver to receive directions for optimized traffic conditions, play music, check emails, and send and receive text messages.

    Seven airbags, including a driver’s knee airbag, as well as seat belt pretensioners and force limiters, are part of the standard safety equipment. Among the standard safety features are Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS), Blind Spot Monitor and Lane Departure Warning/Lane Departure Prevention.

    DSBS is one of the security technologies supported by Vitara’s Advanced Advanced Detection System. If the system detects a potential collision with an obstacle ahead at speeds ranging from 3 to 62 mph, it issues an audible and visual warning. If the driver panics while braking because there is a high risk of collision with an obstacle ahead, the system activates brake assist, which increases braking force. If the possibility of a collision increases even further, the system engages fully automatic braking to avoid a collision or minimize damage.

    Meanwhile, Blind Spot Monitor makes changing lanes safer at speeds over 10 mph. The system has two rear-mounted side radar sensors that can detect cars in or approaching the Vitara’s rear blind spots from either side. When detected, the LED warning icon in the corresponding exterior mirror will illuminate. If the driver ignores it, a flashing LED icon is accompanied by a warning sound.

    Lane Departure Warning and Lane Departure Prevention both vibrate and provide some input to the steering wheel and illuminate a warning indicator in the instrument cluster to alert the driver when the vehicle is traveling at speeds of approximately 37 mph and up to 100 mph (if permitted) and is leaving the lane without the driver using a turn signal.

    The Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid is available in three variants: SZ-T, SZ5 2WD and SZ5 AllGrip. Pricing starts at £25,499.

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