Eric Bischoff says AEW needs to change their approach to storytelling if they are to grow and expand their audience and audience.

AEW took the wrestling world by storm from its inception. However, they seem to have been raining lately. Despite constant praise from insiders and industry fans, the company appears to be struggling to grow its weekly audience.

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According to former WCW president Eric Bischoff, the problem lies in the way AEW tells its stories. Speaking to Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Bischoff criticized the promotion for focusing on their existing audience instead of seeking to attract new viewers.

Eric Bischoff says AEW needs to change their approach to storytelling if they are to grow

“I would really love to see a more structured story formula because I see a lot of the same flaws in AEW’s approach to what’s called storytelling, but it’s really not in terms of structure and disciplined. It’s leaving money on the table. you run through the matches, but you don’t throw any story on the wall that sticks in such a way as to increase the audience.

This is the hardest part, how do you increase audience? Not how to satisfy an existing audience, it’s called preaching to the choir, you want to expand the congregation and attract people who otherwise wouldn’t be attracted to you. The only way to do it is with great stories and great characters.

AEW had all the momentum with CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole came in quick succession. However, the promotion has yet to get them involved in anything major and has been called out for cooling the hype around them before doing anything with them.

However, Tony Khan assured fans that there are plenty of long-term storylines in the works. The promotion hopes to build on its existing audience through them and increase its audience in the coming months.

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